Miguel and Maria Zagal have been waiting to serve Mexican food from a truck ever since they moved here from California. For 13 years they’ve operated three brick-and-mortar Taqueria La Haciendas, in Burnsville, on Lake Street, and in the Mercado Central. This summer they’re taking it to the streets. The Taqueria truck is a big, sunset orange rig, and can accommodate five or six employees at a time. The menu is just as major, making room for small authentic tacos, as well as tortas and quesadillas. A taco al pastor ($2), while a little dry, was blanketed with loads of fresh cilantro and onions. But an even better mobile bite is one of the flavorful tacos arabes ($2.68). Soft flour tortillas are filled like envelopes with melty mozzarella, your choice of meat, and sweet grilled onions. Doused with smoky chipotle sauce, the taco arabes is a viscerally satisfying snack. Even after years in the restaurant business, Miguel notes the particular warmth of Minneapolis’ food truck community: “The surprise was we had a great welcome from the people to try our food,” he says. That natural camaraderie seems palpable across the board. “We all support each other, and it’s been a blast getting to know the other food truckers,” says Katie of Bloomy’s. Even though parking’s a wanker, and the weather’s a fickle friend, this new string of food trucks is endlessly optimistic about feeding your face. For far more food truck and cart reviews, check out The Heavy Table’s Street Food Directory.